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Columbus Day schedule announced

U.S stock markets will be open for business on Monday, October 8, 2012. However, since it is a bank holiday, Monday will not be a settlement date. Bond markets will be closed on Monday, October 8. All funds will be open for normal business Monday. Note that money market funds will be open for T + 1 trading on Monday, since it is a bank holiday.

Inbound and outbound mail will be delayed one day, as the USPS is closed. UPS, however, will be operating as usual.

Here is how the holiday affects Fidelity:

All customer service departments will be open and operating at regular business hours on Monday, October 8.

Note: On Monday, October 8, Specialty Trading will be closing at 4:30 p.m. ET.

Exchanges and markets

  • NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX, all options exchanges: Open Monday
  • Directed trading: Open Monday
  • Extended-hours trading: Open Monday
  • Listed fixed income market: Closed Monday
  • Over-the-counter fixed income market: Closed Monday
  • International trading:
    • Most international markets are open. Canada, however, is closed for its Thanksgiving.
    • International market and currency access: Orders entered through the Trade Stocks International trade ticket will be queued for the next Canadian trading day.
    • General foreign ordinary trading (using 5-letter pink sheet symbol through domestic ticket): Dually listed U.S./Canadian securities will be routed to U.S. for execution. Canadian-only listings will be queued for the next trading day.